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TKS is a company based in Aalborg, Denmark. We have developed a new technology that, in many cases, makes life easier for people with low or no mobility.  Our ambition is to provide solutions for our users, so they can obtain high quality of life with active use of internet, Smart-Home control and being part of the digital society and workforce.   

People who have seriously reduced physical mobility of their arms/upper limbs face a number of human and social limitations due to their disabilities.

Daily life which includes communication and access to the outside world becomes almost impossible without sustained and expensive help from caregivers, family, and friends – besides an extensive rehabilitation package.

Common to many users is that they currently cannot by themselves use operating systems such as computer mouse devices, joysticks and keyboards to activate a computer or to control their electrical wheelchair without the full or partial help from other people.

At TKS we believe that the Itongue and Ihandle solutions will change the world of rehabilitation solutions and how they are regarded and implemented. 

With this technology we introduce wireless multi-functionality following the user – and on top of it – securing “invisible” solutions.



Meet us at Rehacare 2016, 28 Sep - 1 Oct.


Experience with Itongue and ihandle